September 21, 2017
What you should know before your Vigilant interview


Having a first interview for a job position you’re really interested in whether it’s for an internship, post-graduate job or a change of career can be impressive. Our Recruiting Team, Nicholas and Laurence, want to hire the best people (you!) and are convinced that you can get rid off 50% of the stress if you are well prepared to meet with them. Here are some tips to check out before your first interview at Vigilant.

  1. Get to know us

    This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people skip this step. You can learn a lot about us with an hour or two of research – our website, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media channels are good places to start. Have a look at our press releases, news articles and company profiles too.

    When you’re reviewing everything, be sure to look for reasons that you want to work for Vigilant. One the most important things you can do is get an idea of whether the work culture here suits you and if you’d be comfortable working in an environment like ours. Come to the interview with some specific thoughts about how we’re a mutual fit.

  2. It’s more about who you are than what you do

    Interviews can be stressful and we all want to impress – but we want to get to know the real you (quirks included!). If you’re joining us for an interview, it means you have a combination of skills and experience that matches the role, and now we’re looking for a flash of creativity, your diversity of thought, and the genuine you to see how you’ll fit here.

    Are you a good team player? Will you adapt to our fast paced environment? How do you collaborate? We advise you to come prepared with anecdotes about how you reacted to a major change, how you came to make a big decision, and how your coworkers might describe your team interactions.

  3. Ask (thoughtful) questions

    Interviews should be a two-way conversation, so be sure to bring your own questions that are applicable to the open role. It’s also a great idea to print out the job description so that you can refer to it in the interview and make sure that you clearly understand what the job entails.

    It’s also wise to prepare questions about the company culture. What really matters to you about a workplace? What does a great day at work look like to you? You want to make sure that you’ll be happy working with us, and your questions will help us get to know you even better.


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