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En 2013, Vigilant s'est joint à DRW, une entreprise de spécialisée en transactions boursière mondiale basée à Chicago, pour mieux profiter de l’expérience de chaque entreprise. Au cours des six dernières années, nous avons bénéficié de cette synergie afin d’exploiter au maximum nos connaissances collectives. Dans cet esprit, en février prochain, Vigilant adoptera officiellement la marque DRW.

In 2013, Vigilant came together with DRW, a Chicago-based principal trading firm, to better leverage each firm's expertise. Over the past 6 years, we've benefited from this synergy to best harness our collective knowledge. In the spirit of that, this coming February Vigilant will officially take on the DRW brand.

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May 15, 2014
Vigilant Global announces support for Kids Code Jeunesse


Vigilant Global made good on a promise made a few months ago to support the Kids Code organization on its quest to introduce grade-school kids to coding. Vigilant helped get Kids Code a small office space in Montreal’s Notman House – a technology and web hub for budding entrepreneurs in Montreal – by footing the bill for part of its rent.

A few months ago, an email from Kate Arthur – founder of Kids Code Jeunesse made its way to the ‘Info’ inbox for Vigilant Global. She had heard about Vigilant Global’s contributions to our beloved Montreal community, especially when it came to education, and she needed our support.

Last year, she left her job to dedicate her time fully to Kids Code Jeunesse – an organization she founded dedicated to teaching kids in elementary school how to code. It’s an organization right up our education-focused community initiatives alley!

The Kids Code founders feel the education system is shortchanging Canadian kids when it comes to learning about technology. Many countries offer young school-age children the opportunity to learn how to code because they recognize the advantage of a code-savvy generation. So Kate took matters into her own hands and launched Kids Code Jeunesse.

Learning to code in school helps children learn about the scientific method, core logic skills, problem solving, mathematics and electronics in a hands-on, experiential way. It allows marginalized and low-income students, who are typically less exposed to science, mathematics, technology and computer systems an opportunity to develop new interests and skills.

They rely on student and business volunteers to help teach the kids code and their program runs from April to the end of the school year in June. Be on the lookout for volunteering opportunities with Kids Code as our relationship with the organization grows.

Who knows, maybe one day these kids will go on to build robots with Youth Fusion and FIRST Robotics, and then join Vigilant as an employee? Anything is possible.

In the meantime, Vigilant made a donation to Kids Code to help offset the cost of their rent in the new location at the Notman House as they were working in Kate’s family room before! We will also donate some PCs in the next few months they can use either in their office or repurpose at a school they currently teach at.


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