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En 2013, Vigilant s'est joint à DRW, une entreprise de spécialisée en transactions boursière mondiale basée à Chicago, pour mieux profiter de l’expérience de chaque entreprise. Au cours des six dernières années, nous avons bénéficié de cette synergie afin d’exploiter au maximum nos connaissances collectives. Dans cet esprit, en février prochain, Vigilant adoptera officiellement la marque DRW.

In 2013, Vigilant came together with DRW, a Chicago-based principal trading firm, to better leverage each firm's expertise. Over the past 6 years, we've benefited from this synergy to best harness our collective knowledge. In the spirit of that, this coming February Vigilant will officially take on the DRW brand.

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September 14, 2016
#NextStopVigilant: What's it like to work at Vigilant Global?


Find out from one of our software developers, Nadim, in his own words.

What attracted you to Vigilant Global—why was it the next step in your life?

I worked in large corporations previously. I usually ended up feeling like I was part of gigantic machine where my contributions were shadowed by the thousands other employees. When I started looking for a full time work, I wanted to make sure that my contribution would be properly valued and I would have a place to grow in my field. Once I went through the interview process, I understood how Vigilant was different from the other companies I’ve worked for. Their most valuable asset is their employees and they constantly strive to keep them happy.

Tell us a little bit about the culture of Vigilant Global. What’s it like to work here?

I’ve seen the Vigilant team grow significantly over the years. However, it has consistently maintained a startup-like culture. I’ve easily built relationships that go beyond the 9-5 workday. Everyone here is willing to go the extra mile to help out. Every chance I get, I tell my friends to come work with me.

Describe the first year at Vigilant Global for you?

Within the very first month at Vigilant, I had built and deployed an application that was used in production. This was a significant achievement for me. On many occasions, I was given time to learn new technologies, and use them in upcoming projects. I never got the time to be bored at work, which is amazing.

How has Vigilant Global supported you and empowered you to create your own success?

My opinions and design decisions were carefully considered from the very first day. Everyone working at this company is extremely smart, but they are also very humble.

How do you see your career progressing at Vigilant Global? How do you view the opportunities available to you?

I see myself becoming a better software developer by continuing to learn from the multiple applications I continue to build and from my colleagues. While I’m not too hung up on titles (no one here is), I see myself learning more about project management and acquiring those skills. It’s great to know I have that opportunity at Vigilant.


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