Why You Should Work at Vigilant Global

We make it a point to create a work atmosphere for our employees that makes them feel valued and recognized for their work. We also work hard to provide perks and benefits we know will make them happier, healthier and more productive.


Lunch & Breakfast

Enjoy catered lunch and breakfast on a daily basis, and have access to a range of snacks and beverages available at all times.


Health & Wellness

Benefit from a group insurance package that helps ensure that your health needs are covered, and fulfilled.



Benefit from a group RRSP plan that allows you to contribute to your pension on a regular basis, and during bonus periods. We match your contributions starting after your second year.


Gym Membership

Sign up for a paid membership at one of our affiliated gyms, or choose to use your gym allowance to sign up for a gym, club or physical activity of your choice at any location.


Group Activities

Receive a yearly activity allowance to participate in out-of-work activities with your colleagues. Suggest activities and vote on your favorites, which can range from Cirque du Soleil shows to ski trips to baking classes.



Make use of our several break-time areas which include the latest consoles and games, hammocks for quick napping, lounge chairs for brainstorming, kitchenettes, and a communal cafeteria with ping pong and foosball tables.


Daycare Subsidy

Benefit from a partial reimbursement of daycare fees for your children.



Have your transportation fees to and from work covered by Vigilant; whether you need monthly parking for your car, a monthly metro/train pass, or a Bixi membership.



Receive three weeks of vacation time starting in your first year of work, with additional vacation time added after five years.


Parental Leave

Receive top-up payments during your parental leave, starting after two years of service.


Organic Grocery Subsidy

Sign up with Lufa Farms and receive a partial subsidy for their organic, locally-grown groceries.


Education & Training

Get access to education and training that will help you develop your skillset and further your career; group classes, training materials and customized courses.



Receive a personal smartphone paid for by Vigilant, and select from a list of latest models.