Our technology

Research & Development

Using a custom-built platform deployed on the latest hardware, our R&D teams produce cleanly designed, cutting-edge technology with an emphasis on robustness and performance. Our R&D process is very much a collaborative, small team-based effort, with each member bringing a diverse set of experiences, skills and most importantly, ideas. To ensure ideas are well-executed, our developers make use of the best test facilities, hardware, development software and productivity tools, as well as training courses, seminars and conferences.

Technology & Infrastructure

Vigilant’s collective aim is to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in telecommunications through superior technology and infrastructure. The ever-growing bandwidth and performance demands of global networks require a thorough yet innovative infrastructure strategy, as well as a keen understanding that technology never stands still.  We are continuously seeking out and developing cutting edge technologies from custom designed data center topologies and devices, fiber optic, wireless and tower transmission equipment, novel protocols and many other infrastructure ideas, continuously re-examined and improved.